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von Abba bis Free

5Th Dimension, The

Aquarius (Let the sunshine - 1969 - Nr. 1)

Wedding Bell Blues (1969 - Nr. 1 - USA)

A b b a

Nr. 2 der erfolgreichsten Popgruppen

Chiquitita (1979 - NL Nr.1)

Waterloo (1974 - Nr.1)

Abba-Titel mit Daten

Abdul, Paula

Rush, Rush (1991)


Highway to hell (1979)

Smoke on the water

Ace of Base

Nr. 17 der erfolgreichsten Popgruppen

All that she wants (1993 - Nr. 1)

C´est la vie - Always 21

Beautiful Morning

Beautiful Life

Life is a flower

Happy Nation (1993)

Lucky love

Cruel Summer

The Sighn (1994 - Nr. 1)

Adams, Bryan

Nr. 5 der erfolgreichsten Rock Classics

Cloud number nine

I do it for you (1991)

Let´s make a night to remember (1996)

Please forgive me (1993)

Run to you (1993)

Summer of ´69 (1985)

The best of me (1999)

The only thing that looks good on me is you

When you´re gone

All for love (1994)

Have you ever realy loved a woman (1995)

Everything I do I do it for you (1991 - Nr. 1)

Here I am (2002)


Rolling in the deep (2010)

Set fire to the rain (2011)

Hallo (2015)


Adiemus (1990er)


Nr. 22 der erfolgreichsten Rock Classics


Dream On (1975)

Cryin´ (1994)

Crazy (1994)

I don´t want to miss a thing (1998 - Nr. 1)

No more no more

Sweet emotion

Aguilera, Christina

Genie in a bottle (1999)

I´m Ok

What a girl wants

Beautiful (2003)

The voice within (2004)

Hello (2005)

Lady Marmalade mit Lil Kim / 2001 - Nr. 1


Take on me (1985)

Minor earth major sky (2000)

Alan Parson Project

Eye in the sky (1982)


Crying At The Discoteque


Album "Sehnsucht" - 1969 - Nr. 2


Erstes Morgenrot (1969)

Sehnsucht (1968)

Zigeunerjunge (1968)

Mein Freund der Baum

Alexandra Stan

Mr. Saxobeat (2010/2011)


Moi Lolita

J´en ai marre (2003)

All Saints

Never ever

Pure Shores

Black Coffee

Alpert, Herb

Casino Royal (James Bond Theme)


Big in Japan (1984)

Forever Young (1984)

Amorosi, Vanessa


Everytime I close my eyes

Absolutely Everybody


Paid My Dues (2001)

Same Old Story

Not That Kind (2000)

Why´d you lie on me (2002)

Left outside alone (2002)

Sick and tired (2004)

Andersen, Lale

Ein Schiff wird kommen (1960 - Nr. 1)

Andrews, Chris

Yesterday Man (1968 - Nr. 1 Hit)

Platz 2 bei den Hitgiganten - Sat1 Sendung 02/2005

The Animals

House Of The Rising Sun (1964 - Nr. 1 in GB)

Anka, Paul

Put Your Head On My Shoulder

Seal with a kiss


Atomic Kitten

Whole Again (2001 - Nr. 1)

The tide is high

It´s ok

Archies, The

Sugar Sugar (1969 - Nr. 1)

Armstrong, Louis (1901-1971)

Oh What A Wonderful World (1970)


Heat of the moment

Astley, Rick

Whenever you need somebody (1987/88 die Nr. 1)

Together forever


Set me free

Around the World


Aura Dione

Geronimo (2011)

Brian Auger & The Trinity mit Julie Driscoll

This weel´s on fire


Wake me up (2013)


Yes Sir, I can boogie (1977)

I´m sorry lady (1977)


Nr. 19 der erfolgreichsten Rock Classics

You ain´t seen nothing yet (11/1974 - Nr. 1 in den USA)

Back Street Boys

Nr. 11 der erfolgreichsten Popgruppen aller Zeiten

Quit playing games (1996 - Nr. 1)

I want it that way (1999 - Nr. 1)

Shape of my heart

Drowning (2002)

Bad Boys Blue

You´re a woman

Joan Baez

Dona Dona

Joe Hill

One tin soldier

Song of Bangladesh (Konzert am 23.4.1972)

We shall overcome (1963)

Catch the wind


Venus / 1986 (Remake)

Cruel Summer

The Bangles

Eternal Flame

Walk like an Egyptian (1986/87)

If she knew what she wants


Verdamp lang her

Barcley James Harvest

Early morning (1968)

Barlow, Gary

Forever love

Barry White

You´re the first, the last, my everything (1970er)

Bassey, Shirley

By myself

Diamonds Are Forever

This Is My Life

The Beach Boys

Nr. 24 der erfolgreichsten Popgruppen aller Zeiten

All the Best (Doppel LP 1984)

Surfin´ U.S.A.(1963)

I get around (1964)

California Girls (1965)

Good Vibrations (1967)

Sloop John B (1966/67 - Nr. 1)

Sloop John B. - der Song und sein Hintergrund

Barbara Ann

Then I kissed here (1965) - Remake

Wouldn´t it be nice

Kokomo (1988)

Beastie Boys

Fight for your right (1987)

The Beatles

Nr. 1 der erfolgreichsten Popgruppen aller Zeiten

A day in the life (1967)

A hard days night (1964) (Album "1" , Nr. 1 / 2001)

A tast of honey (1965)

Across the Universe (1970)

All I´ve got to do (1963)

All my loving (Album Please Please Me)

All things must pass

All together now

All you need is love (1967 - Nr. 1) - (Album "1" , Nr. 1 / 2001)

And I love here (1964)

And your bird can sing

Any time at all (1964)

Ask me why

Baby it´s you

Baby you´re a rich man

Baby´s in black

Back in the U.S.S.R (White Album), 1968

Bad to me *

Because (Album Abbey Road, 1969)

Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite! (1966)

Birthday (White Album, 1968)

Blackbird (1968 / White Album)

Come together (1969 - Nr. 1) - Album Abbey Road .. (Album "1" , Nr. 1 / 2001)

Can´t bye me love (Album "1" , Nr. 1 / 2001)

Carry that weight (Album Abbey Road, 1969)

Cry baby cry (White Album. 1968)

Day in the life (1967)

Day Tripper (1965) (Album "1" , Nr. 1 / 2001)

Dear Prudence (White Album)

Dig a pony (1969)

Dig it (1969)

Do you want to know a secret (Album Please Please me)

Doctor Robert (1966)

Don´t bother me (1963)

Don´t let me down (1963)

Don´t pass me by (White Album, 1968)

Drive my car (1965)

Eight days the week (1964) (Album "1" , Nr. 1 / 2001)

Eleonor Rigby (1966) (Album "1" , Nr. 1 / 2001)

Everybody´s got something to hide except me .. (White Album)

For no one

For you blue (1969)

Free as a bird (1995, Anthologie I)

From me to you (Album "1" , Nr. 1 / 2001)

Get back (1970 - Nr. 1) - (Album "1" , Nr. 1 / 2001)

Girl (Album 1962/66)

Glass onion (White Album)

Golden Slumbers (Album Abbey Road, 1969)

Good night (White Album)

Happiness is a warm gun (White Album)

Hello goodbye (1968 - Nr. 1) - (Album "1" , Nr. 1 / 2001)

Help! (1965) (Album "1" , Nr. 1 / 2001)

Helter Skelter (White Album)

Her Majesty (Album Abbey Road, 1969)

Here comes the sun (1969) Album Abbey Road

Hey Jude (1968 - Nr. 1) - (Album "1" , Nr. 1 / 2001)

Honey pie (White Album, 1968)

I am the walrus (1967)

I dont´t want to spoil the party

I me mine

I feel fine (1964) (Album "1" , Nr. 1 / 2001)

If I fell

I should have known better

I want to hold your hand (1964 - Nr. 1) - (Album "1" , Nr. 1 / 2001)

I want you / She´s so heavy - (Album Abbey Road, 1969)

I will (White Album)

I 'm so tired (White Album)

I´ll be back (Album More Beatles)

I´ll follow the sun

I´m happy just to dance with you

I´m only sleeping

I´ve gotta a feeling

I´ve just seen a face

Julia (White Album, 1968)

Lady Madonna (1968) - (Album "1" , Nr. 1 / 2001)

Let it be (1970 - Nr. 1) - (Album "1" , Nr. 1 / 2001)

Long, long, long (White Album, 1968)

Love me do (1962) (Albbum "1" Nr. 1 / 2001)

Lovely Rita (1967)

Lucy in the sky with diamonds (1967)

Martha My Dear (White Album, 1968)

Maxwell´s Silver Hammer (1969) Album Abbey Road

Mean Mr Mustard (Album Abbey Road, 1969)

Michelle (1965)

Misery (Album Please Please Me)

Mother Nature´s Son (White Album, 1968)

No reply (1964)

Norwegian Wood

Nowhere Man (1966)

Ob-la di Ob-la da (1969 - Nr. 1)

Octopus´s Garden (Album Abbey Road, 1969)

Oh darling (Album Abbey Road, 1969)

One after 909

Paperback Writer (1966 - Nr. 1) - (Album "1" , Nr. 1 / 2001)

Penny Lane (1967 - Nr. 1) (Album "1" , Nr. 1 / 2001)

Piggies (White Album, 1968)

Please Mister Postman (Album Please Please Me, 1963)

Please Please Me (Album Please Please Me, 1963)

Polytheme Pam (Album Abbey Road, 1969)

Revolution 1 (White Album, 1968)

Revolution 9 (White Album, 1968)

Rockys Raccoon (White Album, 1968)

Run for your life

Roll over Beethoven (1963)

Sexy Sadie (White Album, 1968)

Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band

She came in through the bathroom window (Abbey Road)

She´s got a Ticket to ride (1965)

She´s a woman (1964)

She loves you (1963) (Album "1" , Nr. 1 / 2001)

Something (1969 - Nr. 1) Album Abbey Road - (Album "1" Nr. 1 / 2001)

Strawberry fields forever (1967)

Sun King (Album Abbey Road, 1969)

Tell me why (Album More Beatles)

The Ballad of John and Yoko (1969 - Nr. 1) - (Album "1" , Nr. 1 / 2001)

The continuing story of Bungalow Bill (White Album)

The End (Album Abbey Road, 1969)

The fool on the hill

The long and winding road (Album "1" , Nr. 1 / 2001)

The word

Things we said today (Album More Beatles)

Ticket to ride (Album "1" , Nr. 1 / 2001 und "Help!")

Till there was you

Tomorrow never knows

Twist and Shout

Two of us (Album "Let it be")

We can work it out (Album "1" , Nr. 1 / 2001)

What goes on

What you´re doing

When I get home

When I´m sixty-four (Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band)

While My Guitar Gently Weeps (1968) (White Album)

Why don´t we do it in the road (White Album)

With a little help from my friends (1967)

Wild Honey pie (1968)

Yer Blues (White Album, 1968)

You never give me your money (Album Abbey Road, 1969)

You really got a hold on me (Album More Beatles)

You can´t do that

You won´t see me

You´ve got to hide your love away (1965)

Yellow Submarine (1966 - Nr. 1) - (Album "1" , Nr. 1 / 2001)

Yesterday (1965) - Nr. 1 - Hit - (Album "1" , Nr. 1 / 2001)

(Bester Titel aller Zeiten / Bereich Rock / ARD-Sendung 2003)

Beautiful South, The


Song for whoever (Nr. 1)

Becaud, Gilbert Französischer Chansonsänger


Beck, Jeff

Ain´t No Sunshine When She's Gone

Beck, Robin

First Time (1989 - Nr. 1)

Lou Bega

Mambo N. 5 (1999 die Nr. 1)

Bee Gees, The

Nr. 5 der erfolgreichsten Popgruppen aller Zeiten

Emotions (mit Samantha Sang)

I've Just Gotta Get A Message To You

I Started A Joke

Massachusetts (1966/67)

Words (1968)

World (1968)

How deep is you love (1977)

Saturday Night Fever (Stayin´ alive) (1978)

Belafonte, Harry

Red Wine


Cucurrucucu Paloma

Kingstown town


Bell, Book & Candle

Rescue Me (1999)

Berg, Andrea (Schlagerstar)

Berry, Chuck

Maybelline (1955)

Roll over Beethoven (1956)

Rock´n Roll Music (1957)

Sweet little sixteen (1958)

Johnny B. Goode (1958)

Carol (1958)

Memphis Tennesee (1959)

Beyonce Knowles

s. Knowles, Beyonce

Beyonce Knowles & Jay-Z

Crazy in love

Bonnie & Clyde

Bieber, Justin

My World 2.0 (2010)

Birkin, Jane

Je t´aime


Wonderful Life (1987)

Black, Roy

Ganz in Weiss (1966 - Nr. 1)

Du bist nicht allein

Das ist die Frage aller Fragen

Black Eyed Peas

Shut up (2003/2004 - Nr. 1)

I gotta feeling (2009)

The Beginning (2011)

Black Sabbath

Nr. 26 der erfolgreichsten Rock Classics

Smoke On the Water

Paranoid (1970)

Blanco, Roberto

Der Puppenspieler von Mexico

Ein bisschen Spass muss sein

Blige, Mary J.

No More Drama

When we make good love

Family Affair

Love @ 1st Sight

Blind Faith

mit Steve Winwood, Ginger Baker, Eric Clapton


Heart of glass (1979)

Call me

Maria (2000)

Bloodhound Gang

The bad touch (1999 - Nr. 1)

Boa, Phillip (Phillip Boa)

Container Love

Bon Jovi

Nr. 13 der erfolgreichsten Rock Classics


Bed of roses

Blaze of glory

Born to be my baby

It´s my life

Knockin´ on heavens door

Livin´ on a prayer

Boney M

mit Bobby Farrell (+ 30.12.2010)

Nr. 4 der erfolgreichsten Popgruppen aller Zeiten

Disco-Musik der 1970er Jahre

Rivers of Babylon (1978) - Nr. 1 Hit

Bester Titel aller Zeiten / Bereich Popmusik (Ermittelt über GEMA u. ARD-Sendung 2003)

Daddy Cool (1976) - Nr. 1 Hit

Ma Baker (1977) - Nr. 1 Hit

El Lute (1979) - Nr. 1 Hit

Belfast (1977) - Nr. 1 Hit

Rasputin (1978) - Nr. 1 Hit

Sunny (1977)

Bonney, Graham

Super Girl (1967)

Boone, Daniel

Beautiful Sunday (1972)

Boone, Pat

Speedy Gonzales

Blue Moon


More than a feeling (1976)



Berliner Country & Rock-Band (seit 2004)

Bowie, David

Heroes (1977)


China Girl (1983)

Let´s dance (1983)

Under pressure

Branch, Michelle

Are you happy now

Brandy & Ray

Another day in paradise

Branigan, Laura

Self Control (1984)

Braxton, Toni (Toni Braxton)

He wasn´t man enough

Spending My Time With You

Unbreak my heart

Brightman, Sarah & Bocelli

Time to say good bye (1996/97 - Nr. 1)

Zweitbester Titel aller Zeiten aus dem Bereich Popmusik (Ermittelt über GEMA und ARD-Sendung 2003)

Brown, James

Its A Mans Mans World

Sex Machine (1970)

Bruce, Jack (1943-2014)

Bruno Mars

Grenade (2011)

Just the way you are (2011)

Buggles, The

Video killed the radio star (1970er Jahre)

Burdon, Eric

The house of the rising sun

When I was young

Tobacco Road (mit 'War')

Bush, Kate

Running up that hill

Babooshka (1970er Jahre)

Byrds, The

Mr. Tambourine Man (1965)

Hang On Sloopy


Love is a Shield

The Great Commandment

Canned Heat

On the road again (1969)

Let´s Work Together

Captain Hollywood Project

More and more (1992/93 - Nr. 1)

Cara, Irene

Fame (1982)

Flashdance / 1983 (What a feeling)

Carlisle, Belinda

Heaven is a place on earth (1988)

Carlton, Vanessa

Thousand miles

Carnes, Kim

Bette Davis Eyes (1981)

Carpendale, Howard

Hello again

Carpenters, The

Top of the world (Nr. 1)

Carey, Mariah

Without you (1994 - Nr. 1)

Always be my baby (1996)

Casey Jones & the Governors

Don´t ha ha ha (1965)

Cash, Johnny (+ 2003)

Riders in the sky

Ring of fire

Ghost Riders In the Sky


Personal Jesus

Cats (The Cats)

One Way Wind (1970er Jahre)

Catterfeld, Yvonne

Du hast mein Herz gebrochen (2004 - Nr. 1)

Caught In The Act

Babe (1997)

Cave, Nick

Gates to the garden

Where the wild roses grow

Celentano, Adriano

Una festa sui prati (1967)

Azzurro (Una Carezza in un Pugno) (1968)

I Miei Americani_(1984)

Chaka Khan

Ain´t nobody

Chapman, Tracy

Talk about revolution (1988)

Fast Car (1988 - UK Nr. 5)

Baby can I hold you (1988)

Freedom now

Material world

Less than Strangers

Telling Stories (Album 2000)

Crossroads (Album 1989)


Give me a reason (1995 - US Nr. 3)

Album "The Collection" 2001 - D - Nr. 3)

Charles, Ray (1930-2004)

Georgia on my mind (1930 / 1960 - mit R. Charles)

Hit the Road, Jack

Charles & Eddie

Would I lie to you (1993 - Nr. 1)


Believe (1998/99 - Nr. 1)

Gypsys, Tramps & Thieves

Carousel Man

Dark Lady

I found someone (1987)

L´Amoure (1999)

Love hurts

The long and winding road

Real Love

Strong enough

Walking in Memphis



If you leave me now


Le freak (1978)

Chris Howland (1928-2013)

Schlagersänger (1960er Jahre), Filmschauspieler

Fernseh- Radiomoderator ("Musik aus Studio B")

Das hab' ich in Paris gelernt (1995)

Christie, Tony

Is this the way to Amarillo (1971/1972 - Nr. 1)

Christina Perri

Jar of Hearts (2010) s. auch Buchst. P

Chrispian St. Peters

You where on my mind (1966)

Chuck Berry

siehe Berry, Chuck


Am Fenster (LP 1978)

Clapton, Eric

Anf. 1970er mit Band Derek and the Dominos

After Midnight (1970)

Layla (Album 1970)

I Shot The Sheriff (1974)

Wonderful tonight (1978)

Cocaine (1980)

I Can't Stand It (1981)

I've Got A Rock N' Roll Heart (1983)

Forever Man (1985)

Tears in Heaven (1992) Songtext

Change the world (1996)

I shot the sherrif (1973)

Clark, Petula

Downtown (1965 - Nr. 1) Goldener Löwe von Radio Luxemburg

The Clash

Rock the casba

London is calling

Cliff, Jimmy

Jamaikanischer Reggaekünstler, -sänger

Reggae Night

Sunshine reggae

Cline, Patsy

US-amerik. Coutrysängerin (1932 - 1963)

I´m sorry


Cochran, Eddie (1938 - 1960)

Summertime Blues (1958)

Cocker, Joe

Ain´t no sunshine

Don´t let me be misunderstood

Don´t know what love is

First we take Manhaton

Unchain my heart

With a little help from my friends

You are so beautiful

You can leave your heat on

Leonard Cohen

Album "Recent Songs" - Album "Various Positions"

Album "I´m your man" -- Album "The Future"

Album "Ten New Songs " - Album "Dear Heather"

Album 1968 -- Songs of Leonard Cohen

Album 1969 -- Songs from a room

Album 1971 -- Album 1974 -- Album 1977

Album 2012

Alexandra Leaving (2001)

Bird on the wire (1972)

Dance Me To The End Of Love


I'm Your Man (2002)

Lover lover lover

Passing_through (1972)

Please don´t pass me by (1970)

So long Marianne

Stories of the Street


You know who I am (1972)



Collins, Phil

Another day in paradise (1989/90 - Nr. 1)

Can´t stop loving you

In the air of tonight (1981 / Remix 1988)

One more night

Think twice

Communards (Somerville, Jimmy)

Don´t leave me this way

Connells, The

´74 - 75´

Connor, Sarah

From Sarah with love (2001 - Nr. 1)

Skin by Skin

Living to love you (2004 - Nr. 1)

Connor, Sarah & Natural

Just one last dance (2004 - Nr. 1)

Corner, Amen (Amen Corner)

(If paradise is) Half as nice


Gangsters Paradise (1995/1996 - Nr. 1)

Cooper, Alice

Nr. 38 der erfolgreichsten Rock Classics

School´s out (1972)

Corrs, The

Closei (1995)

Give me a reason


Breathless (1995)

Forgiven Not Forgotten (1995)


The Right Time (CD 1995)

One night (2004)

Borrowed heaven (2004) - CD-titel


Zombie (1995 - Nr. 1)

Crash Test Dummies

Mmm, Mmm, Mmm, Mmm (1994 - Nr. 1)

Creedence Clear Water Revival (C C R)

Nr. 3 der erfolgreichsten Rock Classics

Nr. 13 der erfolgreichsten Popgruppen

Proud Mary (1969)

Bad Moon Rising (1969)

Down on the corner (1969)

Have you ever seen the rain

Hey tonight

Looking out my backdoor

Suzie Q (Part2)

Born on the Bayou

Night time is the right time

Cotton Fields

The Midnight Special

Hello Mary Lou


Sunshine of your love (1968)

White Room (1969)

Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young

Everybody I Love You

Marakesh Express (Woodstock)

Wooden ships

Crow, Sheryl

If it makes you happy (1997)

My Favorite Mistake

Steve McQueen

Tomorrow never dies (James Bond Film)

The first cut is the deepest (2005 - Remake)

The Crytals

Then he kissed me (1963)

Culture Beat

Nr. 23 der erfolgreichsten Popgruppen

Inside out

Mr. Vain (1993 - Nr. 1)

Culture Club

Do you really want to hurt me (1982/83)

Cure, The

Boys don´t cry (1986)

Daft Punk

One more time

Get lucky (2013) Grammy für Single

Dandy Warhols

Bohemian like you (2000)

I am a scientist

Danzer, Georg

Ruhe vor dem Sturm

Weisse Pferde

Dave Dee, Dozy, Micki, Mick & Tich

Nr. 15 der erfolgreichsten Popgruppen aller Zeiten

Hold tight


Bend It (1966 - Nr. 1)

The Legend of Xanadu 1968 - Nr. 1 in GB)


David, Craig (Craig David)

Walking away

De Burgh, Chris (Chris de Burgh)

Don´t pay the ferryman

High On Emotion

Sailing Away

The Lady in Red (1986)

Deep Purple

Nr. 27 der erfolgreichsten Rock Classics

Black Night

Child in time (1970)

Smoke on the water (1972)

Dekker, Desmond (1941 - 2006)

Israelites (1969)

You Can get It If You Really Want

Delay, Jan

Denalane, Joy


Denver, John

Annies Song (1974 - Nr. 1 in den USA)

Depeche Mode

Nr. 10 der erfolgreichsten Popgruppen

Dream on (2001 - Nr. 1)

Question of time (1986)

People are people

Personal Jesus

Strange Love


Life (1999)


Voyage, Voyage (1987)

Destiny´s Child

No no no (2005)

Deter, Ina

Schatten an der Wand

Deutschland sucht den Superstar

We have a dream (2003 - Nr. 1)

Diamond, Neil (1970er Jahre)

Beautiful Noise

Song Sung Blue

Sweet Caroline


My lovers gone (2000)

Thank you (2000)

White flag (2003 - Nr. 1)

Life for rent (Titel / CD 2002)

Don´t leave home (2002/04)

Die Ärzte

Westerland (1988)

Männer sind Schweine (1998 - Nr. 1)

Die Fantastischen Vier ("Fanta 4")

Nr. 26 der erfolgreichsten Popgruppen aller Zeiten

Sie ist weg (1995 - Nr. 1)

Die da


Die Prinzen

Küssen verboten

Alles nur geklaut

Du mußt ein Schwein sein

Die Toten Hosen

An Tagen wie diesen


Bonnie & Clyde

10 Kleine Jägermeister (1996 - Nr. 1)

Dietrich, Marlene

Der blaue Engel (1930 /1950er Jahre)

Lilly Marlene

Wenn die Soldaten

Dion, Celine

All By Myself

Because You Loved Me

My Heart Will Go On (1998 - Nr. 1)

I´m alive

Dire Straits

Communique (LP 1978/79)

Lady Writer (1979)

Money for nothing (1985) - CD 1988

Sultans of swing (1979)

Down to the waterline

Once Upon A Time In The West (1979)

Twisting by the pool (Remix)

Tunnel of love

Romeo and Juliet

Where do you think you´re going

Walk of life

Telegraph road

Brothers in arms

On every Street (CD 1991)

Calling Elvis

Ticket to heaven

Alle Lieder der Dire Straites wurden geschrieben von Mark Knopfler

Dj Bobo



Codo (1983)

Donalds, Andru

Mishale (1994)

Donna Lewis

I love you always forever (1996)

Donna Summer

Bad girls (1979)

Hot Stuff (1979)

I feel love (1977)

She works hard for the money (1983)

Don McLean

American Pie (1972)

siehe auch McLean, Don



Mello Yellow

Sunshine Superman

Universal soldier

The Doors

Gloria (mit Jim Morrison)

The End (1967)

Light my fire (1967)

Riders on the storm (1971)

Douglas, Carl

Kung Fu Fighting (1974 - Nr. 1)

Dr. Alban

It´s my life 1992 - Nr. 1)

Sing Hallelujah!

Drafi Deutscher (1946 - 2006)

Marmor Stein und Eisen bricht (1966 - Nr. 1)

Shake Hands

Guardian Angel (als Masquerade, 1983)

Driscoll, Julie & Brian Auger

This wheel´s on fire (1960er)

Dschinghis Kahn

Dschingis Kahn (1979)

Moskau (1979)

Dundas, David

Jeans On (1976)

Duran Duran

Wild Boys (1984)

Girls on film (1981)

Bob Dylan

All Along The Watchtower

Blowin´ in the wind (1962)

Times they are a-changin´ (Album1964)

The times they are a-changin´ (Single1965)

Like a rolling stone (1965)

Mr. Tambourine Man (1965)

Positivlely 4th street (1965)

Highway 61 revisited (Album 1965)

Just like a woman (1966)

John Wesley Harding (Album 1968)

Lay Lady Lay (1969)

Knockin´ on heavens door (1973)

Pat Garrett & Billy The Kid (1973)

Hurricane (1975)

Desire (1976)

Mozambique (1976)

Street Legal - LP 1978

Changing of the guards

Senior (1978)

True Love Tends To Forget (1978)

We Better Talk This Over (1978)

Where Are You Tonight (1978)

Subterrane an homesick blues (1989)


Shelter From The Storm

Things have changed

Lily of the west (2001)

Earth Wind & Fire


Boogie Wonderland

Eagle-Eye Cherry

Falling In Love Again

Eagles (The Eagles)

Hotel California (1977)

Easy Beats

Friday on my mind


Du trägst keine Liebe in dir

Edwin Hawkin Singers

Oh happy day (1969 - Nr. 1)

Electric Light Orchestra

Don't Bring Me Down

Last train to London

Shine a little love

Ellis Bextor, Sophie

Get over you (2003)

Murder on the dancefloor

Elton John

Blue Eyes

Candle in the wind´97 (Nr. 1) - Rose of England

Crocodile Rock

Nikita (1985)

Rocket Man

Sad songs

Sorry seems to be the hardest word (1976)

Your Song (1969)


Big big world (1999 - Nr. 1)

Emerson, Lake & Palmer

Lucky Man (Superhit)

Peter Gunn (Instrumental)

Welcome Back My Friends

Fanfare for the common man


Without me (2002 - Nr. 1)

Loose yourself (2003)

Empire of the Sun

Empire of sun (2009)

Emmilie de Forrest

Only Teardrops (2013)

Engelbert (Engelbert Humperdinck)

Please Release Me (1967)

The last waltz


Sadness Part I (1990/91 - Nr. 1)


Don´t let go (1996 - US/R&B Nr. 1)


May it be (2002 - Nr. 1)

Only time

Orinoco Flow

The Celts

The Equals

Baby come back (1967 - UK Nr. 1))

Viva Boby Joe (1969 - UK Nr. 1)


A Little Respect (1988)

Who Needs Love Like That (1985)

Espen Lind

When Susannah cries (1998)


Nr. 30 der erfolgreichsten Rock Classics

The Final Countdown (1986)

Rock the night

Eurythmics siehe auch Lennox, Annie

Love is a stranger

Sweet dreams

When tomorrow comes

Who´s that girl

Miracle of love

I saved the world


What It's Like Text zum Titel

Everly Brothers

Bye bye love (1957)

Wake Up Susie (1957)

Everything but the Girl

Missing (1996 - Nr. 1)


Hurra, hurra, die Schule brennt


Der Kommissar (1982)

Jeanny (Part 1) (1986)

Rock me Amadeus (1985)


Out of the dark (1998)

Vienna Calling

Faithfull, Marianne

The Ballad of Lucy Jordan (1979)

Faltermeyer, Harold

Axel F

Family of the Year

Hero (2013)

Fats Domino

Blueberry Hill (1956)

There goes my heart again


Es geht voran (1982)

Feliciano, Jose´

Light my fire

Fettes Brot

An Tagen wie diesen

Fine Young Cannibals

She drives me crazy

Fischer, Helene

(Schlagerstar 2010er)

Fischer, Veronika

Ein Gefühl wie das Leben (1987)

Fischer Z

So Long

Flack, Roberta

The First Time I Saw Your Face (1972)

Killing Me Softly (1972)

Fleetwood Mac

Albatross (1969)

Big Love (1987)

Crimson and Clover

Don´t stop (1977)

Go Your Own Way (1977)

Gold dust woman - CD (LP) Rumours 1977

Little Lies (1987)

Man of the world (1969)

Peaceceeper (2003)

Rhiannon (1976)

Second Hand News (1977) - LP "Rumours"

The Chain - CD (LP) Rumours (1977)

Flock, The

(LP 1969 / Rockmusik mit Violine)

Florence & The Machine

Fogerty, John

Proud Mary (siehe auch die Band CCR)


Cold as ice (1977)

Eye of the tiger

Waiting for a girl like you (1982)

Urgent (1981)

I want to know what love is (1985)

Fools Garden

Lemmon tree (1996 - Nr. 1)

Four Non Blondes

What´s up (1993 - Nr. 1) - Top 544 - all

What's Going On

Four Tops

Afro-amerikanische Band der 60er Jahre

Baby I need your loving (1964)

It's The Same Old Song (1965)

Fox, Peter

Stadtaffe (2008 / 2009)

Haus am See


Fox, Samanta

Hold on tight

Touch me / 1986 (I want your body)

Frampton, Peter

Do You Feel Like We Do

Francis, Connie

Die Liebe ist ein seltsames Spiel / 1960 Nr. 1

Barcarole in der Nacht (1963 Nr. 1)

Franklin, Aretha

Oh Happy Days

Respect (1967)

Son of a Preacher Man

Franky Goes To Hollywood

Nr. 22 der erfolgreichsten Popgruppen

The Power of Love

Relax (1984 - Nr. 1)

Two Tribes (1984 - Nr. 1)

Freddy - siehe Quinn, Freddy

F. R. David

Words (1982 - Nr. 1)


All right now (1970)